Can Drone Food Delivery Services Soar High?

In its truest forms, drones like from are capable of delivering anything that it can carry. In terms of food delivery though, there are efforts made by various companies involving public participation; most specifically, the deployment of drones in several locations. However, these experiments are monitored closely in predetermined flight routes under acceptable conditions.

So many businesses these days are envisioning the future of using drones for delivery services. In fact, there are some that are already pioneering the scene.

Kind of Flirtey

This was actually the very first drone delivery that was also approved by the FAA back in 2015. Initially, the company started by delivering pharmaceuticals as well as other kinds of medical supplies to free medical clinic in Virginia. Then a year later, it partnered with Domino’s Pizza in carrying out pizza delivery services in New Zealand. Later in the same year, they performed the very first fully autonomous FAA approved drone delivery to urban areas wherein emergency food items and bottled water were delivered.

These were just the proofs that this idea can just work and that drone food delivery service has some big potential.

Nowadays, Flirtey is doing delivery services in partnership with 7-Eleven wherein limited number of consumers can get their foods using their smartphone and have the drone deliver it in their house. Still, it’s FAA regulated and requiring employees to keep the drones into their line of sight.

A Glimpse of the Future

One of the big questions regarding this kind of service is its scalability and whether it would be economically viable or not. It sure is nice to have couple of drones flying here and there under acceptable weather conditions. On the other hand, real transformative change will demand hundreds or more drones flying through the sky. This raises safety concerns on how these drones would synchronously work together.

Just for example, drones that are flying over densely populated urban areas should be able to deal with anything from birds to kites that are swarming past. Without advanced tech built into these gadgets, problems would be imminent. So to answer the question whether drone delivery service is a wise move, that is something that only time can tell.