Healthy Foods that may Damage Your Diet

Ask any weight loss gurus or any bodybuilders or athletes out there about where they started with their diet, and most if not all will you to get rid of junk foods. However, if you would not be careful, some of even the most nutritionally healthy and valuable food items in your plan can wreak havoc to your diet regime.

Some of these stealthy diet-killers are already misleading in its presentation and others are offering fair share of benefits in diet. However, these foods ought to be eaten in moderation. So regardless if you are benching 100lbs that you bought from, it would render useless if you are overeating some of these foods.

Number 1. Avocado

Without a doubt, avocado is known to be loaded with healthy qualities, which contain vital nutrients similar to potassium, folic acid and vitamin B. On the other hand, like with any other foods, even this seemingly healthy food can damage your health and diet.

According to experts, a large avocado does contain around 400 calories and those figures are brought by the high monounsaturated fat content of the fruit. This fat is advantageous to the skin and is promoting healthy complexion. But, it could be detrimental when consumed in high quantities, especially for those who are watchful about their calorie count.

Number 2.Nuts

As per health experts, nuts are loaded with healthy fats that are good for the heart together with various vitamins as well as minerals and proteins. But few nuts may go a long way with regards to staying real to your diet.

With the high amount of fat contents and calories it have, it is ideal to restrain yourself from just a handful of it in tiding your next meal. This is actually a risk move for those who cannot stop picking at their foods because eating a couple cups of nuts may end up in costing you adding hundreds of calories.

Number 3. Fruit

It’s given that fruits have low calories and contains high fiber as well. Still, dieters must not take it as an excuse to eat more than what is needed. This is true particularly if the fruit is sugar-laden. Fruit may be a hindrance to your weight loss goal because of the high amount of simple sugar sucrose it has.